Logo and identity design for the SMIT high-tech biennale




The main challenge of the logo design was to show the continuity of shifts from one condition into another, thus conveying the main idea of the biennale, which was “60 minutes in tomorrow”, or an interactive journey to the future within a 60-minute time span.


The logo concept is based on the notion of a “fold” (curvature of space/time). The transition in time is represented as a division of the continuity, the moment of transition from one state into another. In the logo an incessant line (letter S) changes its direction and merges into a 6 symbol. As a result, a specific curve (fold) forms on the line, imparting the dynamics and impulsivity to the line while preserving the integrality of the form. According to the concept, the event posters are split into two parts: the appeal-poster on the left and the explanation-poster on the right. The posters are usually used in places, where they can be placed next to each other.